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The best way to feel connected at Freeland Assembly of God is through relationships, and the best way to form relationships is through consistent service and community

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Whether you’re interested in finding a place to belong, serve, becoming a member, or just curious to see what we’re all about, this class is for you.

We believe worship and prayer are essential to followers of Jesus bringing kingdom reality to earth.

Gather with us on Wednesday to pray and intercede for our church and our community.

Ladies, let’s dive deeper and flourish in God’s word together! Join us every Tuesday at 10:30 AM and every Friday at 7 PM as we study the Book of James. 📖Connect with us to find out the exact locations. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in faith and fellowship! ✨

Join us on May 18th at 10:30 for a remarkable event: the Sisterhood Women’s Ministry Tea for the Soul Luncheon. This gathering is an incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded women, cultivate sisterhood, and nourish your soul. Mark your calendars and be prepared to experience a memorable and uplifting occasion. We look forward to seeing you there!

Freeland Assembly of God Presents: An Unprecedented Prophetic Evening Igniting Spiritual Hunger and Encountering Divine Presence.

We thrilled to announce an upcoming prophetic evening that promises a profound experience for all seekers of divine connection. This highly-anticipated event, aptly named “Encounter: A Night of Prophetic Worship and Gifting,” will take place on Friday, June 14 at Freeland Assembly of God in Freeland.

Designed for individuals longing to hear from God and experience His presence, this prophetic evening will serve as a platform for worshippers to engage in powerful encounters and discover their spiritual gifting’s. Attendees can expect an atmosphere saturated with anointing, where prophets, gifted worship leaders, and passionate believers will converge.

Key highlights of the event include:

1. Prophetic Worship: Worship leaders will lead attendees in a captivating and immersive worship experience, elevating the atmosphere and inviting divine encounters.

2. Prophetic Impartation: Anointed prophets will share revelatory insights, stirring prophetic giftings within participants and fostering a deeper connection with the divine realm.

3. Personal Encounters: Attendees will have the opportunity to receive personal prophetic ministry, allowing them to gain clarity, direction, and a deeper understanding of God’s plans for their lives.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the convergence of the prophetic, worship, and gifting’s at Freeland Assembly of God “Encounter: A Night of Prophetic Worship and Gifting.” Join us as we embark on a journey of spiritual hunger and divine connection.